Into the Highlands

February 15, 2018

 – Scotland Expedition –

Part 1/2 

I remember years ago, sitting on the floor at my parents’ library room and running my fingers through the pages of that travel book. Somehow it always appeared as a favorite of mine, one of a few lost in that myriad of fantasies prone to happen whenever I found myself in that section. It was always a dream, a dream, that both me, my dad and mom shared. Sadly, life got in the way, presented me with loss and alas new ventures into the unknown.

It took me 10 years, since that edition, to embrace the idea of Scotland.

It was on a rainy afternoon, over a cup of coffee that I didn’t drink, that all the bitter-sweetness attached was replaced by the thrilling thought of it and a true journey into the Highlands was born. Bound to be an ensemble of all those imagined reveries, all those years of accumulated stories and references that grows unapologetic in a little girls head. This Scotland expedition was in the making of becoming one of the most glorious experiences that I’ve ever been part of, and I was decisive in making it so.

The plan was clear, we would start in Glasgow, and travel north, to the northern part we could reach. It would be a journey of land, air, and sea, of mountains and prairies, of orcas and dears. I would become a captain, a lady of a manor, an explorer of barren lands and finally, a city dweller in Edinburg. All of that in 10 days. And it was one of the best.

Forget what you are told about the best time to go, Scotland is a beauty whenever you find yourself. From the wintery cold months of December to the long and glory days of June, I believe you’ll find it different, but with an undeniable charm throughout the year.

Autumn is my favorite season of all, with all those brown and green hues coming to live. That was reason alone for grabbing up my passport in those early days of October.

Picked up a car in Glasgow airport, and headed north. Debated with the wrong side of the road for far too long, before embodying the spirit of Scotland. The people are surprisingly gentle and warm. Their good manners have no parallel while you are struggling to find your best driving skills in a one-way road on a rainy afternoon of all things.

But the views. No words.

The Glengarry castle was a sight in a meadow overseeing the lake. Neighbouring local sheep and uncharted woods, it’s the epitome of the Scottish look of what a manor should be like. A crackling fire and a hot cocoa expected us in the library room and welcomed us to what life in the Highlands is about.

The days were spent roaming the boat on the lake, exploring uncharted roads and forests, taming the midst and the shy drops of rain that from now and then appeared to wash away the longing of home and bound us to the land.

From there, we picked the A87 all the way to Kyle of Lochalsh. Heaven was born on that road, and a part of me was awakened by the beauty of it. It’s one of those memories that are forever enshrined in the back of my mind, that makes me love life. Being there in that ethereal moody weather could make an unfathomable man cry, let alone I.

At the harbor our next adventure awaited.



Christmas Gift Guide

December 19, 2017

 – 2017 Edition –


I had a whole different thing planned this year, but somewhere along the way, I got lost in errands and last minute crisis – what is a full Christmas without one, hum? Alas, I couldn’t help to share with you my Christmas bundle for this holidays.

It has become sort of a tradition, a tradition that I intend on keeping, for as long as this blog lives. Now that I think about it, it’s been 5 years since I brought him to light. It hasn’t seen much activity, but it has grown, slowly, just as I am. It has narrowed its depth and taken accustomed to its quirkiness. I Have come to realize, that as soon as the year approaches, I’m leaning more and more into what this year has meant for me. It has, without a doubt met such lows as highs, but I’m glad that those highs have met part of its form here.

These Christmas gifts are somewhat a collection of my personality because I’m all of the below, I’m the everlasting traveler expedition as well as a kitchen and home roamer, and above all, I prefer to do it with style, even when no one is watching. So, without further ado, let’s have it.

Merry Christmas Everyone.


1. Duffle bag, from Highland Store . get it here   |   2. Copper Flask, from W&P Design . get it here   |  3. Leather Blanket Carrier, from Pendleton . get it here   |  4. Thornproof dressing, from Barbour . get it here   |  5. Carry On Cocktail Kit, from W&P Design . get it here   |  6. Pencil and Pen case, from Sonium Leather . get it here    |    7. Shower Gel and Body Lotion – Rose 31, from Le Labo . get it here | 8. Wall Hanging Nantai, from Wednesday Weaving . get it here | 9. Natural soap and Washcloth, from Right Soap . get it here  | 10. Pack with sonoma salt, three garnishing salts and olive oil, from Ila . get it here   |  11. Lomelino’s Pies, from Amazon . get it here   |   12. Cast Iron Oval Cocotte, from Staub . get it here    13. Mosebacke Khaki Green, from Stutterheim Raincoats . get it here  |  14.  Lulu Crystal Giraffe, from Komono . get it here    15. Lila – Adjustavle Box Style Leather Backpack and Handbag, from Beara Beara . get it here     16. Classic Cuff, from Daniel Wellington check their website  here  for a special offer and an additional 15% discount using the code GOODOLD  |  17. Grey Sport Shoes, from Pallas . get it here

Indulging the season

December 12, 2017

– Christmas Wreath –


As soon as the lights go out on the streets and the scarf leaves the house in an attempt of warming up the cold days, I’m all Christmas. It doesn’t snow over here, but the town wraps itself in wreaths and decorations.
I grab my cinnamon jar for freshly baked cookies and fill the air with that delightful perfume while Chloe purrs around my legs, asking for attention. My box with the season heirlooms is hidden away all year, waiting for the right time to untangle memories of happy Christmases.

I love the sense of joy that lifts the air, the carols and bells ringing. The ritual of picking up mistletoe to decorate the door and to see how much the outside pine tree has grown over the years, making it extra difficult to light up. The candles gleam on the windows and tales are told to the little ones. I realize nearly nothing has changed since I was a child, my overview of it is still magic, just like its suppose to be.

The morning is cold, and the light soft in its blue tones. I wake up extra early to a long quiet fireplace, put on my field boots and venture myself outside.

Making a wreath

I’ll need:

Stripped grapevines (note to self: make sure to pick some with curled branches)
Rosemary vines
Pine tree branches
Floral wire


I’ll be soaking the grapevine in water, using the water tank in the garden, making them pliable and more malleable.
Next, I’ll form a circle with grapevine and keep it tight together with the help of the floral wire. I’ll try to remember not to exasperate if I can’t get it in a perfect circle, it will give it a Christmas charm, every time.
I’ll also be picking some mistletoe (use the gloves while handling they might sting) some pine branches and rosemary.
I’ll start the decoration with the pine branches making sort of a half wreath in the bottom, wiring or threading it up as I go. On top I’ll use the mistletoe and rosemary, using two branches on each side, like a crown. A few tweak here and there and its done.


Special thanks

Thank you to Daniel Wellington for sponsoring this post. If you’d like to know more about the watch featured, hop over to their website for a special offer where you can also take advantage of my code GOODOLD for an additional 15% discount.

Thank you also to Magic Linen for providing the lovely kitchen towel.


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