About me

Hello there, I’m Ana. I live in a beautiful little costal town just outside Lisbon, Portugal.

I founded this blog back in 2012, after one of those soirées with my grandmother in the library back in my parents house. At the time, I had an obsession with hats,  I loved the way they romanticised an ensemble, the intimacy of two people and how certain things have lost its flair. At that point, I had set my mind in becoming a milliner although photography continue to be a passion of mine. If you rewind to the very first post, you’ll see what I’m talking about. I did not become a milliner, but I did become a photographer.

I had no idea what this blog would grow to be. I had no notion, just an instinct of what I was and what I liked. I’ve always been, since a child a storyteller, and I believe you can’t really escape your nature, so The Good Old-Fashioned evolved into what is today, at it will continue to do so, because we are all a work in progress. What I know is that I am sensitive to all that is beautiful, to all that charms me and moves me, with a pinch of what is lost or rarely is find.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here, just as much as I enjoy creating it. It is a place of inspiration, of stories and poetry of images. If you want to say hello, just write me at info@thegoodoldfashioned.com