Christmas Gift Guide

December 19, 2017

 – 2017 Edition –

I had a whole different thing planned this year, but somewhere along the way, I got lost in errands and last minute crisis – what is a full Christmas without one, hum? Alas, I couldn’t help to share with you my Christmas bundle for this holidays.

It has become sort of a tradition, a tradition that I intend on keeping, for as long as this blog lives. Now that I think about it, it’s been 5 years since I brought him to light. It hasn’t seen much activity, but it has grown, slowly, just as I am. It has narrowed its depth and taken accustomed to its quirkiness. I Have come to realize, that as soon as the year approaches, I’m leaning more and more into what this year has meant for me. It has, without a doubt met such lows as highs, but I’m glad that those highs have met part of its form here.

These Christmas gifts are somewhat a collection of my personality because I’m all of the below, I’m the everlasting traveler expedition as well as a kitchen and home roamer, and above all, I prefer to do it with style, even when no one is watching. So, without further ado, let’s have it.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

1. Duffle bag, from Highland Store . get it here   |   2. Copper Flask, from W&P Design . get it here   |  3. Leather Blanket Carrier, from Pendleton . get it here   |  4. Thornproof dressing, from Barbour . get it here   |  5. Carry On Cocktail Kit, from W&P Design . get it here   |  6. Pencil and Pen case, from Sonium Leather . get it here    |    7. Shower Gel and Body Lotion – Rose 31, from Le Labo . get it here | 8. Wall Hanging Nantai, from Wednesday Weaving . get it here | 9. Natural soap and Washcloth, from Right Soap . get it here  | 10. Pack with sonoma salt, three garnishing salts and olive oil, from Ila . get it here   |  11. Lomelino’s Pies, from Amazon . get it here   |   12. Cast Iron Oval Cocotte, from Staub . get it here    13. Mosebacke Khaki Green, from Stutterheim Raincoats . get it here  |  14.  Lulu Crystal Giraffe, from Komono . get it here    15. Lila – Adjustavle Box Style Leather Backpack and Handbag, from Beara Beara . get it here     16. Classic Cuff, from Daniel Wellington check their website  here  for a special offer and an additional 15% discount using the code GOODOLD  |  17. Grey Sport Shoes, from Pallas . get it here

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  • Reply Ruth Miranda December 20, 2017 at 10:50

    Merry Christmas, dear girl!!


    • Reply Ana Zilhão December 20, 2017 at 12:09

      Merry Christmas to you too, lovely 🙂

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