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Break of dawn

t was a misty morning when we headed to Bottarver Garden. Across the blurred window, the tall grass danced at the sound of the wind and the landscape painted the scene with quaint farms and ancient mills. Bottarver Garden is the epitome of the Swedish…

October 4, 2017

Awakenings of the soul

The quietude gave way to the commingle of strange voices; they came from all over as representatives of their very own corner of the world. I could see that twinkle and restlessness in their eyes, some greeted friends from other ventures and others with…

September 19, 2017

Urgude 218, The Farmhouse

This is my story. My frame of what happened in Sproge Urgude 218, The Farmhouse. It was something I did not hope, nor expected to happen, but life has this way of catching up on us, while we least expect, and suddenly and out the…

September 7, 2017