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Indulging the season

As soon as the lights go out on the streets and the scarf leaves the house in an attempt of warming up the cold days, I’m all Christmas. It doesn't snow over here, but the town wraps itself in wreaths and decorations. I grab my…

December 12, 2017

Stories within Stories

I’m from a family of explorers. It’s been like that for centuries. My great grandmother was born in the hot sun of Africa in a place with a different name now than what was back then, where the troubles of the world didn’t reach besides…

November 26, 2017

Break of dawn

t was a misty morning when we headed to Bottarver Garden. Across the blurred window, the tall grass danced at the sound of the wind and the landscape painted the scene with quaint farms and ancient mills. Bottarver Garden is the epitome of the Swedish…

October 4, 2017